Lose Weight and Build Muscle with In-Home Personal Training in Omaha, NE


A whole lot of my clients know a whole lot about health and nutrition

Think of yourself as a beginner It’s about realizing that no matter how smart you are and how much you know about exercise, if you are not living it, you don’t really know it.  To your family and friends, you might be the go-to person for questions of health and fitness. But if you can find a way to wipe that slate clean and make way for new insights and advice — or even just for hearing them with fresh ears — then you’re much more likely to succeed.

Find accountability, A whole lot of my clients know a whole lot about health and nutrition coming into my program. They think, with all this know-how —why’s the weight still sticking to them? Their lightbulb moment: Relinquishing control to coaches, who offer the practical lifestyle advice, daily habits, and — this is key — accountability that’s needed to create real change.

 The secret to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is consistency!  Get someone to breathe down your neck, and you’ll make healthy choices your habit.

De-emphasize the “work” in “working out”

Something that helps my clients maintain an optimal exercise schedule is coming to see movement as play, as fun, as release. Find the activities you love, and moving your body will become something you seek out, not hate.

Know that everyone I mean everyone  has to work at it! Fit/healthy people who look like they’ve got it all figured out have to put effort into eating right, too.

Forget envy and intimidation. No more saying “That could never be me” Start thinking of others’ success stories as inspiration.  Discover the value of trying.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try,”

Pay attention to your environment

Recognizing how your surroundings that might have caused unhealthy habits to develop — like work in fast food restaurants — this allows clients to discover the why of who they are and start zeroing in on the power of how to change it.

Don’t fall to pack mentality - It turns out that a lot of people have health and weight issues.  And often they don’t want to eat poorly; they just do it because everyone else is, like friends, family, the people around them are doing it.

Dive below the surface, we can skim the top of our diet issues and see some small changes on the scale, or we can really dig into our relationship with food, what motivates it, and how to make it better. Some questions to ask yourself…“How have trying times brought me to where I am now, and how have I coped?” “What do I really care about? What gives me joy? How can I get more of that?”.
Say goodbye to the old you, this isn’t some meaningless cliche. I’ve found that many people hold an invisible fear of losing themselves if they lose a bunch of weight. Consciously mourn your old self as you greet the healthier you.

Stay connected to what you love about yourself, just remember, you deserve all of the amazing insights, strength gains, friendships, learning — whatever you take from this journey as you find and discover a new and best version of yourself!


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