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2 Problems in Fitness and Nutrition

Two Problems I have been running into lately when speaking with potential clients…

1. They’re not being as consistent with exercise and eating as they’d like and are having a hard time sticking to things.

2. They’re not getting the results they should based on how much they know about working out and eating healthy.

Most of these people admit when things get busy they find themselves inconsistent.  They get off track with eating and tend to skip workouts.  They also have tried many different workout programs and diets so they have a background of knowledge but for some reason they are not getting results.  Because of this they get frustrated and actually a bit embarrassed.  They feel like based on the knowledge they have they should be in “better shape” than they currently are.

Almost all of my current clients:

Read articles on working out and nutrition. They exercise. They eat healthy, or at least try to. Most are the go-to “fitness expert” for their family and friends.

Are people who should be in great shape — and maybe at one point, they were in great shape — but are now having a tough time. They have become frustrated with a body that’s not as lean, strong, fit or healthy as they know it could be.

Once you reach a certain level of knowledge and experience, the missing link is no longer a new exercise program, the perfect nutrition plan, or a new supplement to try.

The one thing you’re missing is this: being accountable — to someone or something — for your workouts and nutrition.

“Accountability is the acknowledgment of responsibility for your actions with the obligation to report, explain, and be responsible for the resulting consequences.”

In other words, accountability keeps you consistent because you have to report back what you’re doing — or not doing — in the gym and in the kitchen to someone else.

In fact, accountability is more important than personal motivation for this simple reason:

But if we have someone who’s checking up on us to see how things are going, we’ll get our butt in gear.

Even if we don’t feel motivated in the moment.

We actually do the exercise — and eat the food — needed to look and feel great. And we do it over and over again, even when the going gets tough.

That’s why you can know exactly what to do. And you can even do it — exercise, eat good food, get 8 hours of sleep — for short bursts. But you can still end up struggling.

Simply put: if you can’t be consistent, you can’t make progress.
And that’s why accountability – not the perfect exercise or eating program – is the thing that turns everything around
Below is pretty much sums it up perfectly!

“It’s completely possible to know exactly what you’re doing … but still struggle to improve your body. And that’s totally OK. In fact, it happens to a lot of people and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“But there’s a simple fix, and it has nothing to do with a new workout or diet plan. All you have to do is commit a little differently and make yourself accountable to at least one other person.” Nate Green PN Coach

So if you’re reading this and you’ve struggled with fitness in the past, or are struggling with it right now, I encourage you to do the same: change the way you commit and become accountable to someone else.  If hiring a personal fitness coach is an appealing option to help hold you accountable please feel free to contact me at your convenience!