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What to do in 2013!

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We all know that diets don’t work for long, and often, don’t work at all. But if not diets, then what? Here’s how our clients do it, and how you can get healthier and fitter than you ever thought possible in 12 months — and stay that way forever — while never “dieting” another day in your life.

The Final Rep’s personal fitness coaching programs are designed for our clients who want to get in shape without having another thing in their lives to manage and worry about. We take care of all the food and fitness-related thinking. Clients get to refocus and relax. And get healthier and fitter than they ever thought possible.

Because no matter how much you exercise, what you eat will determine how you look and feel. But deep down, we all know diets don’t work for long. And often, they don’t work at all.

Worse yet, diets add needless stress and complication to people’s lives. No one wants yet another thing to manage and worry about. We’re all busy enough as it is.

But if not diets, what can you do?
You have to do things simpler than people expect, for longer than people expect.

We teach PERFORMANCE LIVING which is the anti-diet! You don’t count calories. You don’t get all crazy about food, you don’t follow fads, and you don’t listen to media reports about how one specific food will kill you while another will cure you (a list which seems to change every other week). And most importantly, you don’t add stress to your already busy life.

Instead, you let us take care of all the thinking and planning for you. In place of a diet, which is a bombardment of changes you’re expected to make all at once, we find your “one small thing.” In short, we figure out what small thing you can do right now, today, to yield the maximum physiological change possible.

And once we figure it out, we give you that one small thing to work on for a few weeks until you master it. Then another. Then another. For as long as it takes. The catch is, it takes time — and we live in a “now, now, now!” culture. The benefit is, it works better than you can possibly imagine.

Our coaches are actually part coach, part nutritionist, part scientist. With a little personal trainer and personal concierge built in. When you hire us, we ensure you get healthier, fitter and happier with your body than you ever thought possible.
Odds are, you’ll like us at first, hate us at times (because we will hold you accountable and help you be consistent), and love us in the end.

You commit to the program. We commit to you. And it works.
You’re in the right place, by the way, and you’re not alone. We’ve helped many people just like you. If you’ve been thinking about getting in shape, we strongly recommend you check out the website to see what the The Final Rep can do for you!