Lose Weight and Build Muscle with In-Home Personal Training in Omaha, NE

3 Points to Ponder!

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#1 Focus on the FOOD!

When most people think about losing weight or getting in shape, they think about exercise. They sign up for a gym, hire a personal trainer, or grab a book or a magazine to find a workout plan. But while exercise is a crucial part of losing weight and getting healthy, there is plenty of research showing that it’s not the most important piece.

Research shows that with exercise alone you can expect to lose only about half a pound to one pound per month. YIKES!

So if exercise alone gets poor results, what does work? Simple: Focusing on nutrition and eating habits. With a program that combines both nutrition coaching and an exercise program, you can expect to lose five times more fat in the same one month period.

That’s why I spend the majority of my time coaching nutrition. And that one detail makes a huge difference in the kind of results my clients get. Of course, you can’t ignore exercise.  Which is why I recommend 4-6 hours of exercise a week to maximize my clients results!  But when it comes to losing fat and getting in shape, the majority of my resources and time is spent on helping clients with their nutrition and eating habits.

Takeaway: Yes, you should exercise. But you must put nutrition first.

#2 Find Accountability!

You need someone in your corner who helps keep you accountable and picks you up when your motivation is struggling.  When working with me I use email/text message/phone calls to remind clients to keep a daily record of their food, to read and practice the nutritional habits we have covered together, to review their workouts, and keep a positive attitude.  Tracking physical change through various measurables (body comps/girth measurements/weight loss/gain) ensures we stay on track during our time together.  This accountability helps clients stay focused even when things get tough. And of course, as their coach I’m always there to help in whatever way I can.

Action Step: Put someone in your corner to hold you accountable.

#3 Focus on Baby Steps!

It is important you focus on one small act to do, each and every day. Any less, and you lose momentum; any more, you get overwhelmed.  Sadly, some people find this out the hard way. They make a huge effort to change every part of their life, from the time they wake up in the morning to the kinds of foods they eat to adopting a new workout program and dozens of other changes.  This all-or-nothing attitude may work for a week or two, but pretty soon they’ll crash and burn and be right back where they started. That’s why it’s important to practice one small thing at a time instead of trying to make a mad-dash for the finish line.
Don’t worry about the past or the future….focus on TODAY.

Ask yourself, “What healthy habit can I follow today that will propel me forward?”

These small, daily habits slowly stack on top of each other until eventually you will have a healthy set of eating and exercise habits practicing consistently.

Focus On: Turn your commitment into a single, daily action.