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Holiday Eating Tips

1. Don’t skip meals. This backfires because you come to the next meal over hungry and eat more than intended.

2. Fill up on lower calorie, nutrient dense foods such as fruits, veggies, lean cold cuts on whole grain bread.

3. Make just one trip to the buffet.

4. Use a plate for even the smallest snack—you’ll eat less.

5. Eat slowly and enjoy each mouthful. Hold your glass in the hand that you normally eat with to make finger foods less accessible.

6. Eat only when you are hungry and not because food is near.

7. Don’t waste calories on foods you don’t like or foods you can have anytime.

8. Contrast flavors, textures and temperatures for more satisfaction in your eating.

9. Don’t buy candy or goodies too far ahead of event. Once purchased, keep out of sight.

10. Avoid grazing while you cook. Little nibbles can really add up! When it’s time to eat, sit down and savor it!

11. Beware of liquid calories-eggnog, beer, soda, wine. They go down so easy and add a lot of extra calories to your intake.

12. Choose only the foods you really want and keep the portions small.

13. Don’t hang out near the food-socialize a distance away. This will help prevent unconscious nibbling.

14. When you arrive at a party, avoid rushing to the food. Greet people - you know conversation is calorie-free! Get a beverage and settle into the festivities before eating. Overall, you
may eat less.

15. Ask for sparkling water (calorie free) with a lemon or lime twist rather than wine, champagne, or a mixed drink.

16. If you’re bringing a dish to share, make it healthful and delicious. That way you know there will be one thing you can munch on without racking up calories too fast!

17. Forget the all-or-nothing mindset. Depriving yourself of special holiday foods or feeling guilty when you do enjoy them, isn’t a healthful eating strategy. And deprivation and guilt certainly are not part of the holiday spirit!