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In Home Training versus Online Coaching

In-Home Training versus Online Coaching. These are very similar but I would like to explain their differences…

Training is simple.

Trainer shows up and delivers a precise workout designed specifically to the clients needs/wants in a workout. The trainer is there supervising proper form in all the lifts. Trainer is there to make sure the client is doing the prescribed repetitions and sets for all the lifts prescribed. Another aspect of training is the social side of having someone there communicating motivational ideas on your program. Providing emotional support and accountability by being present is a key for most people when they are considering hiring an In-Home Personal Trainer….

Coaching is simple.

Coaching clients receive their workouts via email or fax on a pre determined consistent day. This workout is formatted based on the clients needs/wants also taking into consideration their exercise vocabulary. Basically, they are not given exercises they are not familiar with already. If a new exercise is required in the routine they will be given a hyperlink which will take them to video and written instructions to help complete the exercise.

Just like with In-Home personal training, motivation and accountability is provided but through a different medium. Phone calls, emails, and text messages are used to help the client stay on track. Weekly coaching calls (Mandatory) and Bi–Weekly client feedback reports help the designing of the program stay personalized to the specific client. Coaching is perfect for the individual who already exercises regularly but needs a specifically designed program that will help them achieve a higher level of fitness.

Both In-home training and online coaching are very effective ways to deliver a program. NOT just a workout but a specifically designed time bound program that will allow anyone who follows it an opportunity to achieve success!

 The programs we offer are at least 16 weeks (6-8 weeks to show physical change) two bench marks to show success. When it comes to changing how you look it is a race that tests your endurance not your speed! This competition is not a 50yd dash on a smooth track. It is a 26.2 mile marathon with hurdles on hilly terrain. The tricks and short cuts we try (starvation diets and stuff like The Thigh Master) can easily take their toll, discourage us and we just want to quit! Instead we must become more committed!

 No one crosses the finish line without making a decision to persevere. The key is to keep moving forward never letting yourself go backwards. Sometimes you walk and other times you jog during the race (like when you hire The Final Rep)…..but no matter what you continue to work your way forward. Speed will not get you there, but PERSISTENCE will!

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