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How to WIN with Nutrition!

Every Sunday do this…. set aside 3 hours or so on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead:

1. Write out your menus,
2. Do your grocery shopping,
3. Prepare your meals.

If Sunday is a bad day choose a different one. It doesn’t matter as long as you choose a day and stick with it!

First, on your designated day, sit down and come up with your menu for the week. It should only take a few minutes to lay out 7 different breakfast meals, 7 different lunch meals, 7 different dinner meals, and 2-3 additional snack meals for each day. And these meals do not all need to be different. I often just plan to eat the same breakfast, the same lunch, etc., for each day, and I’ll only switch it up only on a weekly basis. Some like to do it more often, and that’s fine. I find it easier to simplify things.

Next, once the menu is laid out, add up exactly how much of each food you’ll need over the 7 days and go pick those foods up at the grocery store.

Finally, once you’ve got all those groceries home, it’s time to start cooking for the week. Some people choose to prepare all their meals for the week on Sundays (excluding shakes). Others prefer to figure out which meals will be easy to cook just prior to meal time and save them for later, preparing only the meals that will need to be eaten during work hours or during busy times of the day when food prep becomes difficult.

For example, some people can easily prepare breakfast meals and dinner meals on demand by setting aside a few minutes each day for meal preparation.

Others have a significant other who can prepare these meals for them. Either way, these meals can probably wait until they are needed. However the lunches, 2-3 daytime snacks, and workout shakes usually present a problem for the unprepared so they should be made in advance. Sunday is a good time for most to do this preparation.

So, if it suits your lifestyle, use Sundays to prepare to get these meals ready for the week. Cook all the meat, chop all the vegetables, measure out all the yogurt and/or cottage cheese, and make dry mixes for each shake. Have them ready and set aside so that you can grab them in the morning and bring them with you regardless of what your busy schedule has in store for you.

If you have any other questions or comments about this topic, please feel free to contact me at 402.880.3909 or email me anytime at alex@thefinalrep.com!

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