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4 Reasons Why You're Still Not Losing Fat

Hello All! Memorial Day has come and gone. Beautiful weather is here and you might have realized your current “program” hasn’t gotten you the results you were looking for…. You know the bathing suit you wanted to show off didn’t quite fit right or you were huffing and puffing during that 3rd  round of golf. Which ever it is I found this great article explaining some of the reasons you might not have lost as much as you wanted….

Fat loss is a tough subject to teach, there are so many factors that go into fat loss it is just too much to cover in one sitting.  The main factors we can control are

    * The exercise part – which plays a huge role.
    * The diet part – another major player.
    * The psychology – which is a stumbling block for many.
    * The social part – which I covered in my March blog post.

But what happens if you’ve got these in check and you still can’t lose fat?

Well, that’s when you’ve gotta dig deeper physiologically.  That’s when you have to look to the 4 major physiological systems that could be holding you back.  These include:

   1. Your oxygen delivery system
   2. Your blood sugar management system
   3. Your adrenal system
   4. Your digestive system

To be completely honest….most of my clients that follow a “lean and clean” nutrition program and use a exercise program that challenges their aerobic/anaerobic systems have no problem losing fat.  However, there’s always those other people who seem to be doing everything right but still can’t lose fat.  What’s going on with them?

Let’s assume these people are being 90% compliant and are really on track. They’re likely experiencing abnormal physiological situations where fat loss is quite difficult because the body isn’t functioning as it should.

This quote sums it up….

“It’s kind of like planting a garden. Sunshine and water are requirements for a garden to grow, just like diet and exercise are necessary for fat loss.  But even with all the sunshine and water in the world, your garden won’t grow if the soil is unhealthy.”  Dr. Bryan Walsh

So go ahead and read a little further.

There are 4 physiological situations that might be preventing you from losing fat.

Fat Loss Barrier #1: Oxygen

The cells of your body run basically on two things: oxygen and glucose.  If either one of these is off in any way, all of the cells in your body will not work correctly.

The cells of your body produce something called ATP.  ATP is the basic energy source for your body and allows each cell of your body to do what it does.  Without ATP, nothing works correctly.

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Fat Loss Barrier #2: Blood Sugar

Blood sugar balance is the focus of almost every diet book from The Grapefruit Diet to The Atkins Diet. And with good reason: imbalanced blood sugar levels is one of the many reasons why people are overweight.

When talking about blood sugar balance, to keep it simple, there are two possibilities:

   1. Insulin resistance – chronically elevated blood sugar levels
   2. Hypoglycemia – blood sugar fluctuations – sometimes way too high and sometimes way too low.

Both of these imbalances result in elevated insulin.

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Fat Loss Barrier #3: Adrenal

The adrenal glands are your body’s primary defense for managing stress.

When the adrenal glands are activated, they release hormones that help your body deal with both acute and chronic stressors.  One of these hormones is cortisol.

Cortisol’s main purpose is to increase blood sugar levels so your body can have enough fuel to get you through a stressful situation.  Big problems occur when this stress in your life becomes chronic.

Cortisol levels that are chronically elevated increase blood sugar levels which intern elevate insulin levels.  This will not allow your body to burn fat no matter what type of exercise or nutritional program you are on…

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Fat Loss Barrier #4: Gastrointestinal

Making sure your “gut” is working properly is critical to overall health and wellness.  If we are interested in losing weight then we really need to get our “gut” into shape.

How do you know if your tummy isn’t working right?  Any of the following can indicate issues:

•    gas
•    bloating
•    burping after meals
•    inadequate digestion (feeling like you have a brick in your stomach after you eat)
•    undigested food in your stools
•    foul smelling stools
•    constipation
•    diarrhea
•    burning in the stomach
•    bad breath
•    nausea

A messed up digestive track can virtually ruin your chances of weight loss. From a weak immune system, to a stress hormone imbalances, to blood sugar irregularities — many of these problems start in the gut.

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Despite what you might hear, fat loss is NOT just about diet and exercise.   Physiology plays a very important role.  And today, our physiologies are more out of whack than ever in human history.

If your diet and exercise program is not working for you, do yourself a favor and turn your focus inward.  The better your physiology works, the healthier you will be and the better your program will work for you.

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