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Welcome to My NEW HD Video Blog - 5 Tips for a Healthy Start of 2010!

Welcome to my new fitness and nutrition blog! Every two weeks I'll update you with an article and video that you can use right now to put exercise and health into your life. I'm always looking for great content ideas and feedback on my videos. Have topic ideas? Send me an email at alex@thefinalrep.com or comment on my blog below.


Everyday we make choices. From what we are going to wear for the day to what type of coffee drink we order at your local coffee shop. Some decisions are bigger than others but they all require us to make a choice. Nothing is more important than your Health! The first step to losing that extra holiday weight or getting back in shape is making the choice of getting started. This seems like a very simple step but in fact it is the hardest. You might already be thinking about it right now but more often than not you find a way of talking yourself out of taking that leap of faith. Excuses range from its too cold outside to I’ll start tomorrow. The bottom line is making the choice to become healthier today!


Being accountable is a very powerful tool when chasing after goals. It makes sense right? Someone helping you push through weak moments. Accountability partners share in the burden of changing bad habits into positive habits. The most important job of the person you choose to help you change is exactly that…..THEY HELP YOU. Stay away from people that are negative, you need positive feedback with some tough love when needed.


Exercise is the easiest (for most people) to get started with on their journey for a healthy lifestyle. There are two forms of exercise – Anaerobic training (Lifting weights, Weight machines, etc…) and Aerobic training (Running, Bike riding, etc...). The amount of each of these is to do is debatable. But know this, to physically change yourself you will need to put demands on your body that require it to adapt to the demand. That reaction accompanied with good nutrition will result in physical change.


This is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. But it is the hardest to master. The best way to start changing your diet is with small manageable steps. Don’t go head on into a calorie counting low carb nutrition program if you have never participated in a program. This is setting yourself up for failure. Nutrition tends to be a “I CANT” mind set. “I can’t eat this, I cant eat that….” Because of this you will need to make small changes and build upon them daily/weekly/monthly. By taking a long term approach you are more likely to stick with it for a lifetime versus just a short period of time.


You will fail! I know I know be positive right? But it is true, there are not many people out there that quit cold turkey and become 5 day a week exercisers and 100% compliant on their nutrition. So know this ahead a time and give yourself some built in rewards. Not all you can eat buffets or gallons of ice cream. Be reasonable, go out to eat one day on the weekend or have a desert one night. Notice I said “one” in both examples. NOT all weekend or every other night.

These 5 tips are very basic and broad statements. Most of you have already heard or read these somewhere. But whether you are just getting started or you are a seasoned veteran to physical change these rules apply. My responsibility as your Health Fitness Specialist is personalize these tips specifically to your needs/wants.

What fitness and nutrition topics would you like me to discuss? Leave a comment below and I'll write an article and film a video just for you...